Unimog occasions
Unimog Specialist has a diverse range of unimog occasions. On this page you can see the Unimogs that are for sale. If you are looking for something specific, have questions or want advice about one of our second-hand Unimogs, please feel free to contact us.
€ 24.500,00
Mercedes-Benz MB-TRAC 800 € 29.500,00
Unimog U20 Verkocht
Unimog U300 White with Crane Verkocht
Mercedes-Benz MB Trac 800 Verkocht
€ 26.950,00
1550L Verkocht
Unimog 416 Doka Verkocht
Unimog 417 € 38.500,00
U2450L HIAB kraan € 65.000,00 excl. BTW
Unimog 406 Police version € 22.500,00
U300 1200 hours, kipper € 43.500,00 excl. BTW
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Choosing the unimog specialist
The unimog specialist is the place to be for;
  • Top service of high quality
  • Many parts in stock
  • For maintenance APKII and air conditioning
  • Own breakdown service and collection service